Armani Casa

A beach development of 7 beach villas and 8 sea view villas. Local building regulations only allow for 1 story or 6 meter high buildings next to the beach. Further inland we could build taller 3 story sea view villas looking over the front row towards Koh Phangan.

The Beach villas are composed of 5 pavilions arranged around a central pond. The gate to the garden doubles as the front door to the property and treats the garden as part of the interior. The main pavilion closest to the beach have Cosentino glass doors on 3 of its exterior walls. The L-shape allow for the master bedroom to also have a sea view on the narrow piece of land, whereas the other bedrooms have views of the garden.

We sought to give the project an Armani look by using typical Armani Casa furniture design features on the buildings.  The project was initiated in 2008 but was never completed.