Horizon Residence

Condominium project, two 4 stories buildings and two rows of two story townhouses, in total 58 units, fitness room and common swimming pools.

We sought uniformity by designing two pairs of similar buildings, but although the buildings are nearly identical they each appears as unique due to how they are situated in the landscape.  

The gentle sloped landscape enhance the distinctiveness of outdoor areas between the buildings. The central space between the 4 story buildings is a meeting point with a waterfall and shade provided by a tree, is also between the swimming pools one on an elevation above and one on an elevation below.

The 4 story buildings are built around a big central staircase. This both minimize the area need for circulation space, it creates an interesting common space and simplifies the design of the facades. 

To avoid the buildings appear too massive, most of the corners on the multifaceted buildings are used for either terraces or have corner windows.

The choice of steel for the main structure enhance the quality of the living areas, it’s modern buildings of aluminum and drywall, LED lights and water recycling plant.

Completed 2017.