Villa GluayMaai

Villa Gluaymaai is a villa type often referred to as a garden villa. Normally a 2 or 3 bedroom single story pool villa. The concept is that because of the climate the garden or actually the pool terrace is also used as circulation space or hallway and in this way maximizes the living area. Here in order to get from bedroom 2 or 3 to the living room, you will have to step outside. This works well for a holiday home, the terrace is partly covered by wide eaves for the rainy days. The front door is actually also the gate to the garden provides for a spectacular 1st. impression Opening the door into a lush garden rather than a hallway.

The sala is the Thai concept of a gazebo, a smallish covered area for relaxing. During the hot months it becomes necessary to get out of the sun, being able to do that without being inside is sometimes what’s needed.